Can We Heal Our Emotional Wounds?

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As we step through the days of our lives, along the great times we are also bound to experience pain or face traumatic experiences.

In many cases, experiencing trauma can create long-lasting yet invisible “cuts and bruises” in our minds, known as emotional wounds. However, while these wounds may not be physical, they can hurt as much as a leg gash or an arm injury.

One of the central themes of emotional wounds that make them stand out is this invisibility.

You cannot touch them or point out exactly where the soreness is coming from, nor can you apply healing salve to it to reduce the pain.

Today, too many people are suffering from the effects of past traumas not realizing the extent it wreaks further havoc on their lives, their mental and physical health.

Emotional wounds hurt and the natural reaction is to avoid pain and yet the price of not dealing with emotional wounds effectively, can be more painful as deep hurt and can lead to growing symptoms such as depression and anxiety, personal, relationship and health problems.

However, this does not have to be the case.

Is Emotional Healing Possible?

While we all wish we could run to a pharmacy and pick up a band-aid for the pains caused by abuse and heartbreak, life is anything but this.

Healing our emotional wounds is an inside job of helping yourselves to self heal under optimal conditions.

No matter how much we get abused or wounded, our body and mind will try to mend and heal with the right support and restore balance.

Our commitment to healing and receiving excellent support from professionals and good people in our life can create radical healing!

At Holistic Psychotherapy Center we see people making remarkable recoveries often in ways they never have imagined possible.


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5 Tips to Help Us Heal from Our Emotional Wounds

Recognize your wounds

The first step necessary to begin the process of emotional healing is to recognize we actually have emotional wounds.

One of the common signs of unhealed emotional wounds is the tendency to find ourselves having similar emotional pain recurring in our present life again and again.

Having patterns of behaviors and relationships that keep us often unknowingly feeling emotionally wounded prevents us from feeling loved, valued, successful and living our best version of ourselves.

Recognizing re-wounding patterns is a powerful step towards changing the course of life and getting on the right track to healing.

At the Holistic Psychotherapy center we help clear unhealthy patterns that prevent emotional wounds from healing and also help cultivate new patterns and nourish the body and the soul

Take it Slow

One of the first things we always emphasize at My Holistic Therapy is that to treat trauma it is important to approach with much care, take small steps and not cause overwhelm and more pain.

That is why it is so important to choose wisely who to talk with about your emotional wounds.

Making micro-changes and developing a steady foundation is more sustainable for the long run, avoiding unnecessary emotional roller coasters and worsening symptoms.

Going slower helps you feel in control of the process and make wiser choices.

This alternative healing method often means that instead of diving headfirst into your trauma, we often spend our first few sessions at our Encino practice helping you restore your safety and self-control.

With a safe space, you can begin making tiny, incremental changes that help you heal from your trauma.

Don’t let Setbacks Define You

Nothing in life is really fail-safe. There are many reasons for setbacks and frankly they should be considered as part of the learning process.

Making mistakes is more common than you could imagine. Sometimes we regress into our old ways, we might aim too high or go too fast.

Sometimes it means it’s not the right timing. When healing from your emotional wounds, you must never let these setbacks define you.

Instead, think of them as a guide that points you to learn lessons about yourself and your process and make you better.

Our setbacks help us know what works and what doesn’t, teaching us how to navigate ourselves in ways that work for us well .

If you find yourself going through a relapse or experiencing a setback,

At Holistic Psychotherapy center we want you to know that you can always come back from it. Although it might feel defeated at first, getting through it with effective tools and support can be a surprising discovery of your resilience, new found inner strength and success.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

When we get injured and first aid is not enough, the best next step is to go to your doctor to get the proper medical care. If we do that when we suffer with a physical wound, then why should it be any different when you have an emotional wound?

Ignoring emotional wounds or looking for quick fix band-aid solutions, don’t save time or money. Not getting adequate care is like pushing the can down the road and may only make the problem worse in the long run.

The support of loved ones, friends, and family Is important and can provide comfort and support in difficult times. It is not a substitute for professional help.

If you are ready to open yourself up to receive professional guidance and treatment that makes a difference, feel free to contact us and leave a message for our Encino, CA practice.

My Holistic Therapy is a leading therapeutic center with many years of experience providing holistic healing for emotional wounds, trauma and PTSD. We are always here to offer our helping hand.

You can heal and blossom with the right help

At My Holistic Therapy, we understand the toll of struggling with emotional wounds and trauma, as this pain can linger for a long time when left untreated.

The emotional wounds of traumatic experiences often lead to adverse symptoms, such as anxiety, loneliness, and depression, and can stop us from achieving our goals. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case.

You can treat your emotional wounds and live a life that feels wholesome and fulfilling.

If you believe that you are struggling with the emotional wounds of traumatic experiences, such as betrayal, abuse, and heartbreak and would like to better yourself and your life, please call us at our clinic in Encino.

We have more than 25 years of experience in treating trauma and emotional wounds with holistic methods that integrate talk therapy with energy healing, somatic therapy, guided visualization and other methods to support the body returning to its natural state of balance and become free from the hurt, pain and other symptoms of trauma.

If you have tried treatments to heal your emotional wounds that turned out to not help you, we are glad you are here.

Our holistic treatment programs have helped many people heal from their trauma and reclaim their well being. Please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone, or by email, to receive more information.

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