What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is a method to treat ill-health in a suffering individual by using a person’s own resources of strength and vigor. In Energy Therapy, the assessment and the treatment rely on non-tangible means, however with very tangible results.

In traditional therapy, the therapist applies the assessment and the treatment relying on tangible interventions.

It’s easier for most people to accept the traditional western medicine because it’s tangible; one can see the problem, measure it, and inspect it.

Energy may sound elusive. There is no immediate evidence for its existence, and it can render the suffering person to feel uncertain as far as the expected healing results.

The interesting part is that our life is relying 24/7 on energy means; the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, warmth and cold, feelings and thoughts and more. More than that, a major part of the assessment of a physician relying on energy processes.

X-rays, MRI, CAT-SCAN and many other assessing interventions, they are all relying on energy that is being utilized by sophisticated technology.

But energy is by far bigger in its expression in our life. We are all made of energy and energy is constantly flowing within us and around us. The energy is always arranged in smart structures which are accurately relating to each other and everything is always moving, fast.

When the energy is manifested in the tangible-physical world, the speed is very high, maybe tens to hundreds of thousands of miles per second. Our emotions, ideas, and feelings are moving in amazing speeds and there isn’t a computer large enough that can produce the sophisticated complexity of the human’s mental capacity to process.


Gravity is completely controlling our life, and if we think about it, it controls the entire universe. If we pause for a second and think about the world around us, it consists of two levels of existence; the world within our body and the world outside our body.

Inside us, there are organs, tissues and systems (blood system, breathing system, digestive system and more. Outside, beyond our skin, there are very large objects; earth, moon, sun, solar system, the Milky Way galaxy and even more galaxies beyond.

So if we look within, there are 50-70 trillion cells that make the human body. These cells are living harmoniously with each other while processing in every passing moment hundreds of thousands of physiological and psychological processes according to a built-in program, that starts working from the moment of conception.

Each cell knows it all, and cumulatively this knowledge guides us nonstop in our life. The speed of these inner processes is extremely fast (how long does it take to get scared as a result of a very loud noise?)


Now, let’s look outside. The earth revolves around its axis in a speed of 900 MPH. The moon surrounds earth in a speed of 2,300 MPH. Earth surrounds the sun in a speed of 67,000 MPH. The solar system surrounds its location within the Milky Way galaxy in a speed of 515,000 MPH. The Milky Way galaxy moves in space according to its existing position in a speed of 1.3 million MPH.

If we add other galaxies that reside in vast distances of thousands of light years, the speed of the body of galaxies will be staggering in comparison to these numbers.

So what is the point with these big numbers? The point is that when we are looking to the sky, we see a perfect order of planets, stars, galaxies while maintaining unimaginable speeds for millions of years.

Scientists have tried for so long to unravel this mystery. We as human beings, we do not know why and how the universe holds itself in such a perfect order, as much as we don’t know how our perfect body and mind coexist the way they are.

Yet, it’s clear beyond any doubt that there is a power and vigor behind, that is keeping it all together, and the energy out there is the same energy replicated within us.

This energy builds us, directs us, and at times comes against blocks which do not let the balanced flow of energy to occur. Then, symptoms erupt and disease is formed. Energy therapy with its tools help us unblock these points and resume the flow of energy.


In the last 20 years, there has been a considerable buildup in the body of knowledge that has helped different energy therapy modalities recruit the power of this strong energy to the service of health and healing.

There are few kinds of energy therapies. Those who deal mainly with the physical aspects of our body; Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy to name a few. There are those energy therapies who deal mainly with the emotional/mental aspects of our mind like Emotional Freedom Technic (EFT), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and more.

As a holistic psychotherapist I found it almost impossible to focus on one aspect without taking into consideration the mutual energetic impact on the other. Hence, I developed IPEC Therapy that is fully addressing the mutual relationship between body and mind. IPEC Therapy works with talk therapy and other therapeutic modalities. The main assessment tool is muscle testing. This testing is painless and appropriate for all ages, infants to elderly.

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