IPEC Therapy

IPEC Therapy


IPEC Therapy is a holistic treatment approach that offers relief and elimination of a wide range of physical and psychological problems by discovering inner causes for outer symptoms, working with the Energy system within your body.

This approach is based on the holistic view that your body and mind are inseparable parts of who you are. What does it mean when it comes to health and wellness? Physical problems can cause the development of psychological issues and stress which, in turn, can lead to the development of physical illness thus creating a vicious cycle.

IPEC Therapy helps to heal a range of physical and emotional illnesses including allergies without medication. Because of the nature of this treatment, IPEC Therapy is safe for everyone including pregnant women and children.


IPEC Therapy is part of an emerging field of Energy Medicine within the alternative medicine community. Energy Medicine recognizes the powerful effect of the energy within our own body in recovery and healing of physical and mental conditions.

It works with the energy field generated by the body as a whole; including cells, tissues, and organs, to help people recover from physical and psychological symptoms naturally.


IPEC Therapy® combines knowledge and interventions from the fields of Psychology, Energy Therapy, Eastern Medicine (acupuncture), Kinesiology and other therapies to trace and remove Energy blocks.

IPEC Therapy works with Neuro- Muscular Biofeedback ™ (NMB) and Muscle Testing. NMB is a key testing tool used to assess the core reasons for ANY physical and/or psychological symptoms.

This powerful test can detect blocks in the energy field of your cells and organs long before it can be detected in medical testing (blood test, urine etc.).

This technique uses gentle touch to test a precise network of energy points providing essential information about the nature of the imbalances and the optimal interventions to correct them.

The vital information about the issues at hand is retrieved gently from the body using this Neuro Muscular Biofeedback™ and the Word Code Analyzer™.

IPEC Therapy to Naturally Heal Physical Health Conditions

If you can’t get a clear diagnosis and are stuck in a vicious cycle of medical treatments without much improvement, IPEC Therapy offers assessment and interventions that promote and accelerate natural healing with swift results.

IPEC Therapy has successfully helped with the following conditions:

Eczema & Other Skin Problems Fatigue

Headaches Body pain

Migraines Autoimmune

Allergies & Sensitivities Post-Surgery

Insomnia Injury

Diabetes Digestive Tract Problems

High blood pressure Nervous System Problems

Asthma & Bronchitis And more . . .

IPEC Therapy to Naturally Heal Psychological Issues

Do you feel stuck with your emotions like anger or fear? Do you have repeating patterns of behaviors that don’t serve you and prevent you from feeling well?

IPEC Therapy offers powerful tools beyond talk therapy by working with your energy channels to identify the core reason for your triggers and issues.

We can help you achieve a grounded body and mind as well as a regained balance, naturally. This treatment is very helpful in promoting and accelerating recovery from the following conditions:

Stress Adjustment Issues

Depression Grief & Loss

Anxiety Sexual Difficulties

Phobias Hyperactivity

Self-esteem issue Personal Growth

Trauma Anger management

Infant, children & adolescents And more . . .

IPEC Therapy to Naturally Heal Childhood Illness and Issues

IPEC Therapy is very effective with infants and children of all ages. It doesn’t require verbal communication and the assessment and treatment are done using energy channels in the body.

The therapeutic interventions include gentle touch that has a relaxing effect on your child.

This treatment is very helpful in promoting and accelerating recovery from the following conditions:

Colic Frequent Colds & Flu

Allergies & Sensitivities Separation Anxiety

School phobia Un-explained pain

Ear infections Bed Wetting & Toilet Training

Digestive Difficulties Tics & Twitches

Skin Rashes Phobias

Breathing Difficulties And more . . .

IPEC Therapy Began by Finding a Natural Cure for Fish Allergies

One in four adults have some kind of allergy and according to Pew Research, at least 15% of adults report at least 1 food allergy.

Dr. Uri Kenig, a holistic psychotherapist from Encino, California founded IPEC Therapy as a result of his quest to cure a severe allergy to fish he developed at an early age.

With the help of Energy Therapy treatment he was able to clear his fish allergy completely and today he is able to eat fish without any adverse allergic reactions.

The unique energy approach that Dr. Kenig developed has helped his clients clear many allergies and physical symptoms that don’t respond well to medical treatments or talk therapy alone.

IPEC Therapy was founded in 1997 and since then it has been successfully helping hundreds of clients in Los Angeles and around the world.

Dr. Kenig has trained over one thousand professionals in both the medical and holistic fields as certified IPEC practitioners.

We can help you accelerate your healing and recovery naturally.

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