Holistic Therapy 101

We Are Designed to Heal

We are designed to self-heal. We all have built-in mechanisms inside of us to help repair and restore back our physical mental and emotional health. If you are injured or become ill, the body starts the repair work right away. At Holistic therapy our goal is to help activate the healing process and help remove whatever suppresses it.

Treating the whole person not just the symptoms. This means to include mind, body, spirit and environmental conditions. Examining the relationship between the different factors and assessing their contribution to the person’s condition.

Achieving optimal health by restoring balance. Holistic Therapy helps restore balance in body, mind and spirit utilizing a verity of modalities; energy, talk, supplements and herbs, meditation, breathing, being in nature and much more.

Supporting Lifestyle changes in areas like sleep, eating, movement, working environment, relationships with self and others, and spirituality.

Compassionate love and support. Holistic therapy recognizes that the energy of loving kindness is a powerful tool for healing. Compassionate support affects the body energetics, reduces stress symptoms and helps regulate the immune system activity. 

Taking care of a patient is important

In our current health care system too many times patients are being treated as cases or numbers, not given the time and attention they deserve to receive from their health care providers.

Holistic therapy places a great value on taking care of the person, being attuned to personal needs, feelings and wishes and most importantly, working in collaborating towards wellness.

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