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At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center of Encino, our mission is to effectively treat patients using a blend of traditional psychotherapy and advanced energy healing. Our goal is to affect radical transformation in all aspects of our patients’ lives. We don’t just treat problems or symptoms but effectively remove all trauma and blockages.  With our support, patients can shine as their true selves.

We’re not interested in chalking up hours of talk therapy sessions. Our holistic sessions are packed with proactive tools. This facilitates maximum positive change in the shortest time frame. The result is fully-evolved individuals living fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Licensed psychotherapists, Dr. Uri Kenig and Dalia Kenig M.A. started their private practice 25 years ago. They originally utilized various talk therapy modalities, but  soon became frustrated with standard psychotherapy’s limitations. Many of their patients felt bereft of efficient solutions and tangible tools to affect their desired results. They soon realized what was missing: an integrative mind-body-spirit method of treating clients.

The couple began studying and training under some of the leading experts in energy and holistic healing, including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton,  Dr. Scott Walker, and Dr. Devi Nambudripad. The Kenigs then developed a powerful method of Holistic Psychotherapy. It blends the best of these holistic alternative therapies with traditional psychotherapy.

The Kenigs have successfully treated thousands of clients of all ages, across the world. Their clients have successfully reversed depression, anxiety, and PTSD. They’ve helped clients overcome daunting tics and spasms issues, and have had transformative effects on infants and children. The Kenigs also provide individual sessions with couples, working as a unit to help these couples affect the most positive changes to their relationships.

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Principles Of Holistic Psychotherapy

Dr. Uri Kenig, Creator of IPEC Therapy®

Dr. Uri Kenig, Ph.D. developed the Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing (IPEC Therapy) in 1997. This is a profoundly effective method of treating both mental and physical health issues. IPEC Therapy® combines knowledge and healing modalities from the fields of Psychology, Energy therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture), Kinesiology, and more to trace and remove Energy blocks. The vital information about the root issue behind these symptoms and problems is retrieved using Neuro Muscular Biofeedback™ and the Word Code Analyzer™. Testing a precise network of energy points provides essential information on rhw optimal interventions to dissolve them.

Dr. Kening published four books on the IPEC method. This method has been taught and is currently practiced by other trained practitioners worldwide.

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At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we provide superbilling for insurance claims, though we kindly inform you that we do not accept direct insurance payments.

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