Couples Therapy

Encino, CA

How Do You and Your Partner Benefit
From Holistic Couples Therapy?

At the holistic psychotherapy center in Encino California, our purpose is to help your relationship become happier, healthier, fulfilling and strong.

Overcoming a relationship crisis. We offer immediate aid to de-escalate and stop the hurt cycle, re-establish safety and communication and help you start the process of mending the relationship. We help couples avoid hasty separations and divorce and offer guidance and support for reconciliation.

Ending Stressful fights and arguments that drain the good energy out of the relationship. Holistic couple’s psychotherapy will help you develop effective communication skills so you can work together not against each other and have a calm and positive atmosphere in your relationship.

Navigating life transitions that feel like a tidal wave. Life changes can be overwhelming and throw your relationship off balance. A birth of a child, job changes, injury or illness in the family and many more.

Holistic couple’s psychotherapy will work with you on how to stay connected and present so you will not be consumed by external stresses and develop routines that will keep your relationship healthy.

Everyone wants to feel love and emotional connection in their relationship. If you and your partner would like to have a better connection and intimacy, Holistic couple’s Psychotherapy will help you grow mutual affection, empathy and deep understanding of each other. Fostering a bond of trust, respect, fun and deep love is a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

Stop feeling frustrated about the state of your relationship. Holistic Psychotherapy center is a valuable resource for you and your partner to help overcome the most challenging aspects of your relationship.

When Should I Seek Holistic
Couples Therapy?

If your relationship is on the rocks due to betrayal, insecurities, toxic fights or growing apart; don’t kick the can down the road – reach out to Holistic couple’s therapy in Encino California today to change course and save your relationship. Don’t wait until the relationship is on the verge of a breaking point.

If you love your partner but there are issues bothering you that you hesitate to discuss, if you feel misunderstood, unseen and overly criticized, Holistic couple’s therapy is a safe place to discuss differences disagreements, mutual goals and reach new understanding and make positive adjustments.

If you and your partner feel overwhelmed by stressful life events have frequent fights, feel you have a distance between you that negatively affects your emotional intimacy and sex life, don’t continue. Holistic couple’s therapy can help you brighten your relationship. At My Holistic Therapy in Encino California, we work with you on how to manage stress from the outside and bring back connection, attraction and joy much needed, back into your relationship.

If being in a new relationship triggers anxiety and insecurities Holistic couple’s therapy can help you identify why you have these feelings and find ways to resolve them so you can have a secure base in the relationship and enjoy all it has to offer. Understanding your relationship needs and your partner’s needs and knowing how to meet them, is one of the most important foundations of a secure relationship.

Essentially, Holistic couple’s therapy has great benefits for your relationship for the good and bad times. At My Holistic Therapy in Encino California, we believe in using counseling as a medicine not a band aid that only covers up problems that will only resurface in the future.

Our sessions involve helping couples connect deeply with their partner with clarity and outmost care. By engaging with the important aspects of your relationship, we can address the issues lying at the core of your relationship and begin the healing process that will improve the quality of your relationship.

To learn more about how we use holistic therapy to heal relationships, please visit us at My Holistic Therapy, Encino California. Alternatively, you are also welcome to leave us a message with your contact details, and we will reply as soon as we can.

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There is no such thing as a

perfect relationship

Every couple faces challenges and ups and downs throughout life. In order for a relationship to survive and be successful, a couple has to work together and support each other and the relationship.

Research shows that persistent unresolved relationship problems negatively affect personal well being and often contribute to the development of health issues, sleeping and eating problems as well as depression and anxiety.

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Warning Signs of a Relationship Crisis:

  • When negativity, hurt and dissatisfaction grow, it can inevitably lead to a relationship crisis.
  • Constant fights and communication breakdown
  • Intense disappointment, anger and hurt
  • Emotional and/or physical distance
  • Lack of affection, care and support
  • Jealousy, possessiveness and control
  • Boredom and feeling stuck in the relationship
  • Loss of attraction and sexual desire
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Couples Therapy To Help

Strengthen Your Relationship

As you drive on the road of life, there are bound to be speed bumps along the way. These obstacles may be fear, a desperate need to succeed, struggling for direction, and many others. Yet, while these humps may interrupt you for a little while, how effectively you can regain control will always determine the smoothness of your journey.

Naturally, relationships are no different. When you move through life together with your partner, you will likely meet some form of obstacle or change that blocks your path. Being able to successfully climb over that obstacle with your partner can help to strengthen your bonds and keep your relationship healthy.

Unfortunately, many couples fail to leap over their hurdles. In most cases, poor communication, divergent goals, a faulty display of affection, and weak conflict resolution tend to cause this struggle. This frustrating climb quickly causes a domino effect that affects other parts of your relationship, either causing your bonds to break entirely or becoming so loose that they struggle to hold during the next challenge.

However, this does not have to be the case. Holistic Couples Therapy is one of the best solutions for maintaining the bonds of a partnership and keeping a relationship healthy. At My Holistic Therapy, we have spent over 25 years successfully providing healing to broken connections and reinforcing the bonds between couples through proven, natural methods.

By placing wellness at the core of your relationship, we can dive into the root cause of any issues and help put your partnership back on track. If you are currently facing any problems in your relationship and believe you may benefit from Holistic Couple’s Therapy, please consider visiting us at our practice in Encino.

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When is it the right time to seek professional relationship help?

If your relationship issues keep repeating themselves in spite of your attempts to resolve it and there is a feeling of “being stuck” and not knowing what else to do, a relationship specialist can help to revitalize your relationship with effective tools, guidance and support. We help couples in different life stages:

  • Couples who are new at a relationship
  • Couples who are in a committed relationship or married
  • Couples who have issues of affairs infidelity and trust
  • Couples who are considering separation or divorce
  • Couples who are empty nesters, or going through midlife crisis

Put your relationship back on track

Many couples find themselves needing help with their relationship. You see, we aren’t taught in school how to create and maintain good relationships.

When you come to our center you will find a supportive environment where we listen to your concerns without blaming or taking anyone’s side. Our goal is to work with you to help reduce negativity, destruction and pain and put your relationship on a positive path.

At Holistic Psychotherapy center in Encino you will learn the essentials on how to navigate through your relationship successfully and become connected and united as a couple. We are here to help you build a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship.