The Holistic Approach To

Overcome Anxiety and Panic

At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center we specialize in innovative, compassionate care for those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Rooted in the understanding that each individual’s journey is unique, our approach is tailored to foster deep, lasting healing. Whether you’re local to our Encino office or seeking support from afar through online teletherapy, your path to a calmer, more centered self begins here.

Comprehensive Care

We look at anxiety not just as a symptom, but as a signal pointing towards deeper issues needing attention and healing.

Empathy and Understanding

We prioritize building a strong, empathetic relationship with each patient, tailoring our approach to your individual needs and comfort.

Treating The Whole Person

Get the benefits of traditional therapeutic techniques with alternative modalities, ensuring a comprehensive path to wellness and inner peace.

The Many Faces of Anxiety

Excessive Worrying / Feeling Restless or on Edge / Difficulty Concentrating / Irritability / Muscle Tension / Trouble Sleeping / Fatigue / Panic Attacks / Rapid Heartbeat & Shortness Of Breath / Avoidance Of Social Situations / Persistent Feelings Of Dread Or Impending Doom / Exaggerated Startle Response / Difficulty Controlling Worry or Fear / Hypervigilance
Feeling misunderstood, embarrassed, or stuck in a continuous pattern of fight, flight, or freeze is common among those with anxiety. We know it’s not just about calming your nerves; it’s about understanding and transforming your response to anxiety.

At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, anxiety isn’t a diagnosis you simply have to manage. We recognize the debilitating patterns and behaviors and we guide our patients out of it. Through our revolutionary whole person approach, we’ve helped hundreds of patients come from the shadows of fear and panic into the light of emotional freedom and resilience.

A patient of anxiety hides her head in a cardboard box

Anxiety Treatment

The Holistic Way

Modalities For Overcoming Anxiety
Holistic modalities that help regulate and rewire your nervous system and anxiety response
Each of our therapies is a vital part of our holistic approach, designed to provide you with comprehensive tools to manage and overcome anxiety and panic attacks effectively. At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we’re committed to guiding you towards a life of balance and inner peace.

Initial sessions are designed to nurture you into a safe space where you can relax and fully trust your therapist. We will help you pinpoint the exact source of your anxiety and apply our holistic modalities to effectively release the root imbalances.  Every treatment we apply is extremely individualized. The results are long-term, revolutionary, and ultimately liberating. 


Unlike traditional programs that focus solely on cognitive aspects, our approach at the Holistic Psychotherapy Center is unique. We combine cognitive and somatic therapies, focusing on both the mind and body. Our treatment includes innovative methods like meridian therapy, tapping, visualization, and muscle testing, tailored to break the specific cycle of anxiety and panic unique to each individual.
Yes, we have no problem with you continuing your course of anxiety medication.
The duration of treatment varies depending on the individual. Factors such as the intensity of anxiety, personal history, and response to therapy all play a role. We strive to provide immediate relief in early sessions and then work on deeper issues at a pace comfortable for you.

Let’s Begin The Healing Journey

Experience the Transformative Power Of Holistic Psychotherapy. 

Live & Remote Appointments Available

We prioritize your comfort and convenience. Whether you prefer in-office face-to-face sessions or the flexibility of remote tele-therapy, our dedicated therapists are here to support your journey from anywhere you choose.


Weekdays – 9AM – 7PM (pacific time)
Sundays – Closed
Legal Holidays – Closed

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