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It’s inevitable, life can get overwhelming especially when problems and pain are difficult to resolve on their own. It can be hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic about the possibility of recovery when symptoms persist and there is no solution in sight.

We At My Holistic Therapy want you to know: we are here to help you wherever you are in your life.

Dr. Uri Kenig and Dalia Kenig, M.A., are a team of licensed psychotherapists, based in Encino, CA who offer a powerful and proactive holistic therapy approach that works.

At My Holistic Therapy, we evaluate your symptoms and issues and focus on the root cause for your pain and suffering, applying a unique treatment to address your issues and help you heal.

We treat the whole you, not just your symptoms. We examine the physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual aspects in relation to your condition.

This explains why with My Holistic Therapy, you can achieve a deeper and lasting health and wellbeing.

Take charge of your health now.
We have the therapists and resources that you need right here at My Holistic Therapy in Encino CA.

We invite you to schedule a free phone consultation with My Holistic Therapy in Encino CA, to learn about our services and how we can help you reach your wellness goal.

Conditions We Treat

Anxiety & Depression

Our holistic therapy offers a personally tailored treatment that applies talk-therapy combined with energy therapy to deeply calm and revitalize the nervous system and end the vicious cycle of your symptoms.

Trauma &

Unresolved Trauma and PTSD, can negatively impact many areas of your life. 
At my Holistic Therapy we use a gentle and nurturing approach to clear the impact of Trauma and the symptoms of PTSD, to restore a better functioning abilities and overall wellbeing.


At the holistic psychotherapy center in Encino California, our purpose is to help your relationship become happier, healthier, fulfilling and strong.

Postpartum &

Pregnancy and motherhood can be a challenging experience to navigate. At My Holistic Therapy, we help alleviate your symptoms with natural treatments to help you feel good and get back to wellness.


We can help you clear your tics naturally. At my holistic therapy we utilize energy biofeedback that helps pinpoint the source of your tics and release its hold from the nervous system.


You can eliminate allergies and sensitivities in a non-invasive, drug free natural way. At my holistic therapy we use an innovative treatment, IPEC Therapy to test and neutralize your allergic reactions to food and environmental substances.


Chronic headaches and migraines are painful and disruptive. At my holistic therapy we address your mental and physical pain triggers and help rewire the nervous systems which aims to reduce migraine and headache frequency and intensity.


Stress and anxiety can contribute to a host of skin and dermatological diseases. At my holistic therapy we unlock the stress-skin cycle utilizing energetic biofeedback and natural methods to calm the nervous system and  accelerate the recovery of  your skin problems.

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How Our Patients Feel After Treatment With Holistic Therapy

People may have different feelings after their session. Our clients often say at the end of the session: “I feel so much lighter”. Some people experience emotional release or they have new insight into specific issues of their life.

Others feel energy shifts that induce deep relaxation and calm along with a relief from pain and physical symptoms.

It is important to us that our clients feel supported and nurtured during our treatment.

Our Method And
How It Works

Our therapeutic methods in holistic psychotherapy (also known as holistic therapy) are comprehensive. We have a large “tool’s box” from which we choose the right interventions suited for you and your condition.

We practice Body-mind therapy which helps balance the stress response, regulate brain chemicals and rewires neural pathways in the brain. It can also help change the way the brain processes information, and increase cognitive functioning.

Body-mind therapy impacts the entire body and has a powerful effect on accelerating healing from many physical illnesses.

We implement methods from the field of clinical psychology
This includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Somatic Based Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Trauma Informed therapy and more.

We integrate energy and natural based treatments
This includes IPEC Therapy (Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing), meridian based therapy, light therapy, tapping, breathing, guided imagery and affirmations to balance and reset the nervous system which promote the natural self-healing within the body to take place.

Our Patients Mean The World To Us

Thoughtful Words
From One Of Our
Longtime Patients

Dalia and Uri are the best at what they do! They were very significant in my growth emotionally and spiritually, guiding me through some of my darkest times. I owe them much gratitude for giving me the much needed guidance and support that I will use the rest of my life! You can’t go wrong with them!
Laurie D.

Dr. Kenig is the most incredible therapist I have ever had. Using IPEC (integrative body-mind treatment approach), Dr. Kenig helped me to overcome physical and mental challenges I confront since I delivered my son, 7 years ago. I have experienced physical and mental rejuvenation of a quality that made me feel 20 years old again. The clarity of my thinking improved as well as my sense of well-being. I would also want to thank Dr. Kenig for what I would consider miraculous recovery. My son was suffering from constipation since he was 6 months old. Dr. Kenig was extremely effective, in detecting and treating the symptoms. He confidently handled the situation and fixed it in a short order. Thank you Dr. Kenig for your competence, professionalism, and caring.
Tamar N.

Dalia is changing my life. I have been to therapists in the past, but Dalia’s approach is different and extremely affective. She is a calming presence but also firm and cuts through the garbage. I have noticed so many changes in my life in just the short time I have been seeing her. I simply could not recommend her enough. She is truly a special person and, all hyperbole aside, she literally is changing my life for the better. Go see her!
Alexander M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic therapy, also sometimes referred to as holistic psychotherapy is an integrative approach to healing psychological and stress related health conditions. This therapy goes beyond focusing just on symptoms.

We look for the root causes of the problem and consider ALL aspects that effect the person’s well-being physical, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Holistic therapy seeks to help people heal and thrive on a deeper level applying holistic healing methods tools and interventions.

Holistic therapy is absolutely safe. Even though the therapist deals with physical elements of the body, there is no any sort of invasion and the assessment and treatments are 100% non-invasive.Talk therapy is a method that embraces the importance of talking about one’s issues, thoughts and feelings in order to understand them and then make cognitive and behavioral adjustments to allow positive changes and moving forward.

Holistic therapy uses effective traditional talk therapy to explore, increase awareness and provide practical tools and support. We also apply non traditional methods like; energy therapy, somatic therapy, guided imagery and more.

These methods do not require much conversation. They help the body and mind release physical, emotional and mental blocks and help the person restore balance and vital energy.Yes we do. In the last few years tele therapy has gained an increased popularity and then has become a preferred option to many since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we work virtually with people who live locally and prefer to connect from the convenience of their home as well as with people from out of the area, other states and internationally as we.

Many people prefer to have virtual sessions from the comfort of their home or practically from wherever they are. Virtual sessions provides easy access and flexibility. Face to face therapy and online therapy are both effective and yield good outcomes. People choose way over the other for different reasons .

The common reasons why people choose virtual therapy are easy access, convenience, saving commuting time, not having easy access to the office due to transportation or due to living too far from our office. Other people may prefer the experience of physical presence of the therapist in a neutral and peaceful setting that is just for them and choose to come into the physical office location.Absolutely, we offer a free phone chat with a therapist, ask any specific questions you might have and receive information about our center. It also offers us the opportunity to connect with you and have an initial understanding of your challenge and make recommendations for the next step.

Please call 818-501-8029 or text us 818-222-2262 and we will schedule a time for a phone chat. We hope to speak with you soon.

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At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we provide superbilling for insurance claims, though we kindly inform you that we do not accept direct insurance payments.

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