Menstrual Spotting and Marital Difficulties

Menstrual Spotting and Marital Difficulties can be addressed with IPEC Therapy. Call Us to discover ways to improve your individual situation. Holistic therapy can cure your sexual issues, and strengthen your personal relationships.


When there are deep rooted difficulties in long-term relationships, there are probable negative influences on a woman’s menstrual period. Even though men and women can be equally upset during times of conflict, there is a tendency for many women’s monthly period to be impacted, causing menstrual spotting and marital difficulties.

Their period can become irregular, and in between periods they can experience constant staining, white discharge, and/or bouts of Candida.

Being continuously upset can create, in many women, intrinsic prolonged stress that after a prolonged period of time can start to disrupt the proper functioning of the reproductive system. The menstrual cycle can get interrupted, triggering different physiological processes that cause variety of fluid discharges like: blood stains and white, thick, smelly discharge.

Sometimes it can also trigger old PTSD, nervous tics, and anxiety.
Three different case studies from recent years can demonstrate these ideas:

Case 1: A married woman in her mid-forties, who had been coming to therapy for 25 years, had two children in their early 20’s. Her husband had a graduate’s degree and was a high ranking executive officer in a big company, with a large income. Her education was a high school diploma and due to the amount of degrees her husband had, and her lack thereof, a resentful divide began to grow between the two of them.

She came to therapy after her physician and OBGYN could not help her with her burning, thick, smelly white discharge, which she had suffered with for over a year. She came to IPEC Therapy believing that this therapy could help her where western medicine failed her.


The assessment, using BMS (biofeedback of the muscular system), focused on her depressed feelings in reference to her marriage. Her husband has been putting her down in their relationship, making sure to “remind” her who is the “smart” one between both of them and where she could potentially be in life if she hadn’t been married to him.

All of that didn’t stop him from demanding sexual acts from her. During the past year, he got extremely frustrated witnessing her symptoms, feeling too repulsed to get close to her physically.

She was astonished when she saw how her physical problems were tied to her difficulties in her marriage. It immediately resonated with her that these symptoms became her unconscious way of telling him “I’m not interested in having sex with you”.

The educational gap between them rendered her unable to talk to him honestly. In therapy, she saw how she actually had, lost her ability to talk honestly with him.

IPEC Therapy to Heal Menstrual Spotting

IPEC Therapy had helped her reverse and normalize her physical symptoms, and stopped the white discharge. Thereafter, she was able to talk to him directly about his arrogance and how she had felt continuously hurt by him.

Case 2: A married woman in her late-forties, who had been coming to therapy for over 30 years, had 2 children in their early 20’s. Prior to IPEC therapy, she had suffered for few years from bouts of Candida. It came with painful burning and multiple doses of strong antibiotics did not solve the problem.

Eventually, she was referred to IPEC Therapy with the hope of being taken off of her cycle of useless medications. She had a close relationship with her husband for many years. She felt the closeness dissipate when it came to sexual intimacy. She described of her husband as demanding, controlling and she felt he would see her only for her body and not her whole person.

At times she felt anxious and depressed, unable to identify what was causing these emotions. After the children grew up, her husband had increased his demanding and controlling behavior. Her fear grew of his anger in regards to the sexual intimacy. Eventually, she developed a severe case of Candida which decreased his demand for sex. She was unaware of her emotional resistance to him, which was the cause of the Candida, and focused on treating her condition with her OBGYN.

In IPEC Therapy, it became clear she didn’t like many things associated with her sexuality. In general, she loved her husband and the sex was okay, but the frequency, as well as the way her husband was with her, caused her to avoid sex. Since it rarely crossed her mind, she never talked about it with him.

In IPEC therapy, her Candida, and all associated discharges, were completely cleared. She got motivated to talk openly about this issue with her husband which allowed her symptoms to disappear.

Case 3: A married woman in her mid-thirties who was the mother of two teenagers, suffered from prolonged and irregular menstrual periods. This issue brought her and her husband’s sexual intimacy to a halt.

Her husband was a successful businessman who was constantly working morning to evening and left the country for two weeks on average about every 1-2 months. For the little time he was at home from work he expected to have sex with his wife as if she were on call.

Many times he would wake her up after she went to sleep exhausted from the day’s activities wanting sex.
Whenever they were intimate, the act itself was short with not enough preliminary arousal and when he was done, he fell asleep.

She became gradually more frustrated, felt used and not considered. She began to build up anger towards him and when she tried talking to him, he brushed her off suggesting she had emotional issues and that she didn’t know how to deal with them.

Eventually, she developed an irregular period and staining problems. Her OBGYN put her on medications but nothing helped. He prescribed hormone therapy and a semi surgery procedure to cleanse her uterus’ inner walls, but it didn’t help.

A referral for IPEC Therapy opened a window to understanding that her body might be telling her something about her emotions instead of her mouth. The therapy to rid her of staining and regulate her period took longer than usual time due to her suppressed anger and fear towards her husband; she was afraid he would leave her if she talked about her feelings.

Eventually, the staining completely stopped and her period regulated. With the physical success of therapy, she felt secure enough to talk to him about their marriage, how bad she felt in reference to their sexual relationship, and his constant absence as a father and family partner in raising their kids.

If you have issues in your marriage or relationship, we can help.
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