Heal Nervous Tics Naturally

What you need to know about nervous tics

Most people don’t know that a nervous tic is actually a muscle spasm that goes through the emotional part of the brain before it makes the muscle move. In the US 5% to 20% of children and adults, experiencing various kinds of nervous tics.

Nerves and muscles work together in our body. Nerve impulses activate our muscles and make them move. When chronic stress reactions overload the nervous system there is a discharge of excess energy through involuntary movements in a form of nervous tics.

It is important for you to know that nervous tics are treatable and can be greatly reduced or cleared with natural treatment.

The Experience of Nervous Tics

Experiencing involuntary physical twitches and movements throughout the day without much control can make anyone feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. It can be distressing and it affect one’s sense of confidence.

While some people manage to suppress them for a short time, it usually takes a lot of concentration and it can be exhausting. In fact, suppressing tics is like trying to suppress a sneeze that really wants to come out. Once it is released; most people feel a sense of relief afterwards.

Treating Nervous Tics Naturally

Research studies found a link between tics and the sympathetic nervous system (SNC) which controls the bodily reactions to emotions. Prolonged anxiety, stress and unresolved trauma can trigger over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system that just doesn’t turn off. These triggers among other factors can cause ongoing involuntary muscle twitching.

There is a natural treatment called IPEC Therapy that helps clear nervous tics successfully by regulating overactive sympathetic nervous system reactions. As a result there is a significant decrease of nervous tic symptoms associated with deep relaxation and in many cases they clear all together.

We Practice a Natural Approach to the Treatment of Nervous Tics

Based on the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine that healing is facilitated by balancing the flow of vital energy, we use Muscle Response feedback (MRF) in the treatment of nervous tics.

This is a noninvasive method of evaluating body systems and organ energetic imbalances by getting direct feedback from the body. Based on the findings we use body-mind balancing interventions like tapping, light therapy and other energy sources to help your body return to its natural balance and health.

Common Nervous tics we treat:

Facial twitches
Eye blinking and twitching
Mouth twitching
Jerking movements (arms, shoulders, neck, hands)

Tourette’s syndrome
Throat clearing sounds

Repeating words

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Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life



16542 Ventura Blvd.
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Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life.