Are you tired of living with unresolved chronic health problems due to stress?

Living with chronic health conditions can be painful and demoralizing. You might believe that you have to live with your condition for the rest of your life. Maybe you have heard that from other people, your doctor or read about it on the internet.

When it comes to chronic conditions, if what medical treatment has to offer you is pharmaceutical drugs to manage symptoms and pain, don’t settle for this “life sentence”. When you reject the notion that your condition is forever, you can discover that there is a path to recovery and you can regain you optimal health.

Recovering from a chronic condition requires more than just medical advice from your doctor

A chronic health problem is a body-mind condition that has to be addressed holistically. This means supporting the body by good medicinal treatment along with dismantling the sources of the harmful stress. This entails exploring the origin of your condition, what makes it worse or better and how it is impacted by your lifestyle and psychological state.

Stress and unresolved trauma play an important role when it comes to chronic health conditions

There is a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the role of chronic stress, unresolved trauma and self-defeating beliefs in the process of chronic health conditions. These can create havoc on the immune system, hormonal system and produce inflammation and digestion issues, respiratory problems, heart and cardiovascular diseases and more.

IPEC Therapy – helping your body and mind recover from chronic health conditions naturally

IPEC Therapy (Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing) is a holistic method that aims to clear blockages and disruptive patterns that affects your physiological and psychological functions. These blockages can accumulate thought out life often times without our conscious awareness.

We apply principles from Traditional Oriental Medicine to support and re-balance of the energy in our body system to allow the body to heal.

IPEC Therapy utilizes Applied Kinesiology, aka Muscle Test Response (MTR) to detect disruptions in the energy flow which are precursors for symptoms. This assessment process can discover, with accuracy, issues that traditional medical testing may not be able to.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment is a clearing process based on the energetic information received from your body. We focus on clearing the energy blockages associated with your health condition using reflex points and meridian pathways along the body and other holistic clearing methods.

This is a safe, gentle and supportive process that releases stress from the body and mind and allows the nervous, immune and endocrine systems to return to normal functioning without producing pain, inflammation and symptoms.

The experience during and after the treatment generates strong energy of calmness, hopefulness and a sense of balance in the body.

As you make progress and the underlining causes get cleared, you reclaim your physical health from the inside out.


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 We can help with your specific conditions.


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Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life


16542 Ventura Blvd.
#320 Encino, CA 91436

Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life.