How disabling are chronic migraines/headaches?

Headaches and migraines are among the worst pains imaginable. Not being able to turn off the throbbing pain, having a hard time thinking straight, and not sleeping can get very stressful. Extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and other accompanied symptoms take a toll on the quality of life.

Healing chronic migraines/headaches vs. getting symptom relief

The physiological changes in the body during a migraine/headache attack include inflammation, muscle tension, narrowing blood vessels, hormonal changes and more.

People suffering from chronic migraines/headaches mostly turn to pain killers, migraine prevention drugs, and injections in a hope of getting relief from their pain. It is understandable.

The problem with drug treatment for migraines and headaches is that it’s focused on treating the symptoms, not the cause. The relief is a short term solution to reduce the pain but it doesn’t treat the underlining trigger causing the migraines/headaches.

IPEC Therapy – The benefits of a natural biofeedback approach for chronic migraines/headaches

There can be many causes of migraines and headaches; allergies, environmental triggers and extreme emotional stress and other reasons, but the source may be different for each person and so should the treatment.

The benefit of using biofeedback testing is that it detects the exact causes of your migraine and headache pains with the information received directly from your body.

With this valuable information, the treatment process targets the root cause while neutralizing your specific allergies, sensitivities and stress reactions.

IPEC Therapy – An energy based treatment from the inside out

This approach focuses on balancing the reactions of the immune system, nervous and hormonal system’s reactions to your specific triggers, helping your body respond in more neutral and subtle ways that don’t trigger migraine and headache symptoms anymore.

We have helped many clients clear their chronic migraines/headaches successfully without the need to use drug therapy.

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