Skin Conditions

Holistic Therapy – The Natural Approach to Clearing Skin Conditions Successfully.

Are you suffering from a chronic skin condition? Do skin problems affect your ability to function normally? Do you experience painful skin flare-ups?

The Problem with Common Dermatology Treatments

The usual dermatological treatment regimen consists of steroids, drugs, and creams to control the symptoms. Dermatological treatment may provide control and relief in acute situations but it doesn’t really address or eliminate the root causes of chronic skin problems.

It’s time to try a new approach that has been proven to help clear skin conditions naturally. Scientific knowledge is expanding about the skin-stress connection and the role of the nervous pathways, immune system and hormones in the development of chronic skin disorders.

People with chronic skin issues tend to respond emotionally through their skin. The reactions of stress, emotions of fear and anxiety, depression, etc. can trigger physiological changes on the skin, from elevated secretion of stress hormones to autonomic nervous system reactions which cause skin inflammation, internal heat and many allergic reactions.

IPEC Therapy – Clear Your Skin Problems for Good, Naturally

If you suffer from chronic skin problems we offer a highly effective treatment to clear your skin from the inside out. IPEC Therapy® is an integrative body-mind treatment that transforms your responses to stress, so it doesn’t have to flare your skin anymore. We use Neuro-Emotional biofeedback and balancing energy pathways along your body to restore your skin. This holistic treatment helps your body and mind normalize physiological reactions that cause inflammation, itching and dryness, etc. In therapy we discuss life style, nutrition and supportive supplementation to support your skin healing and regeneration, so you can get back the clear skin you deserve.

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