Frequent Urination

Case Study, Psychological Issues

Case Study: Frequent Urination

A 45 year old man was complaining about frequent urination at night (4-8 times every night). He had suffered from this since he was about 14-15 years old. Before finding IPEC Therapy, he had gone to a few doctors; every time finding all of the tests coming back negative. If the doctors ruled out prostate issues, bladder infection, bladder sphincter irregularities, kidney issues, diabetes, and water metabolism, etc., what was causing his frequent urination?

After meeting with Dr. Uri Kenig once, they were able to find the emotional connection to his physical problem. This man had experienced an intense emotional trauma at the age of four and, with the help of IPEC Therapy, was able to clear his complex emotional trauma after multiple sessions. He completely stopped his frequent urination at night and was finally able to sleep normally.

From the first session, it was clear that his frequent urination was emotionally based. They found out that, using biofeedback of the muscular system, the emotions causing his symptoms were from his childhood (3-4 years old). He could not fully remember events from that age and after a comprehensive talk with his parents, his memory came to life.

He was about 4 years old when a painful growth was found on his shoulder. It was rapidly growing and it had to be immediately surgically removed. The growth was benign but within 2 days into the recovery it started to grow again and he had to go into surgery again. He had to have a repeating surgery once in 1-2 weeks for three months, and including recovery time, he was in the hospital for three and a half months and was released after the repeating growth stopped.

At age 14, the growths came back. This time he went into surgery and after the growths were removed, it never came back. A few months later, he started to frequently urinate at night every 1-2 hours. Every time he woke up, it came with a deep sense of anxiety and a strong urge to urinate. The amount of urine each time was small and when he returned to sleep it took him around one hour to fall asleep. The constant waking up, urinating, and going to sleep was affecting his daily life; he would frequently fall asleep during the day.

Averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night he spent the next 30 years with the same pattern. With all of these issues and stress, he was able to build a family and become a very successful business man.

Exploring his trauma at age 4, it became clear that his trauma was an issue with layers. The sudden separation from his home for 3.5 months, the constant excruciating pain, and being in the hospital at night surrounded by strangers traumatized him as well. Back then, the hospital was made for adults not geared towards children.

The family was not allowed to stay overnight, and he learned to “protect” himself with imaginative figures (developmentally age appropriate). These 3.5 months were buried in his mind and were never mentioned in the family until he was operated again around 14 years old.

The surgery at age 14 opened up the repressed, unprocessed memories from when he was four years old and frequent urination was the result of hiding his pain. When it started, the anxiety was felt at night only, associated with the frequent urination. Till age 45, he never felt anxiety or fear when he was awake.

Psychotherapy Method Used to Heal Frequent Urination

In therapy, while we started to explore the complexities of the events around his hospital stay and the incidence of frequent urination, he started to feel bouts of unexplained anxiety and frequent urination during the day time. This new change brought with it a gradual decrease in frequent urination at night, and a gradual increase in the length and quality of sleep.

During this transition period, he was experiencing ups and downs in his symptoms of frequent urination and after a while he stabilized and started to have constant and regular nights, consisting of 7-8 hours of sleep with no frequent urination. He completed his therapy in January 2015.

If frequent urination bothers you, we can help.
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