Make Your Relationship Happy, Healthy and Strong

Relationships are so important to our lives and our happiness, but when stress, conflict and hurt in a relationship can become a source of pain instead of being a source of love and support.

  • Are you having repetitive arguments and fights?
  • Do you feel blamed, criticized and misunderstood?
  • Is your connection and intimacy not satisfying?
  • Are you experiencing a lot of hurt and anger in the relationship?

There is no such thing as perfect relationship

Every couple faces challenges and ups and downs through life. In order for a relationship to survive and be successful, a couple has to work together and support each other and the relationship. Research shows that persistent unresolved relationship problems negatively affect personal wellbeing and often contribute to the development of health issues, sleeping and eating problems as well as depression and anxiety.

Warning signs of a relationship crisis:

When negativity, hurt and dissatisfaction grow, it can inevitably lead to a relationship crisis.
Constant fights and communication breakdown
Intense disappointment, anger and hurt
Emotional and/or physical distance
Lack of affection, care and support
Jealousy, possessiveness and control
Boredom and feeling stuck in the relationship
Loss of attraction and sexual desire

When is it the right time to seek professional help?

If your relationship issues keep repeating themselves in spite of your attempts to resolve it and there is a feeling of “being stuck” and not knowing what else to do, a relationship specialist can help to revitalize your relationship with effective tools, guidance and support. We help couples in different life stages:

  • Couples who are new at a relationship
  • Couples who are in a committed relationship or married
  • Couples who have issues of affairs infidelity and trust
  • Couples who are considering separation or divorce
  • Couples who are empty nesters, or going through midlife crisis

Put your relationship back on track

Many couples find themselves needing help with their relationship. You see, we aren’t taught in school how to create and maintain good relationships.

When you come to our center you will find a supportive environment where we listen to your concerns without blaming or taking anyone’s side. Our goal is to work with you to help reduce negativity, destruction and pain and put your relationship on a positive path.

At our center you will learn the essentials on how to navigate through your relationship successfully and become connected and united as a couple. We are here to help you build a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship.

We are a husband and wife team specializing in relationship therapy for over 25 years, helping many couples on their relationship journey.

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