Children communicate a lot through their behaviors.

When your child is struggling with behavioral and emotional issues, it’s their way of communicating that something is not right and they need help.

Your child’s mental wellness is affected by their experience at home, family, school and friends, or when unresolved issues are still upsetting for them.

Children can have hard time identifying how they are feeling and how to express themselves appropriately, especially when they are frustrated and under stress. In these situations they tend to act out or shut down.

Feeling distressed can get difficult for you as a parent when your child’s issues persist and you don’t know how to help them anymore. It becomes stressful for everyone!

You and your child are not alone.

Child therapy can be very beneficial in helping to create a positive change for your child wellness.

At Holistic Psychotherapy Center we help children with:

  • Frequent nightmares/sleep issues/night fears
  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Social difficulties
  • Excessive worry and anxiety, clinginess
  • Trauma
  • Depression and lack of motivation
  • ADD and ADHD issues
  • Stress
  • Bed wetting
  • Anger outbursts, aggression, and defiance
  • Frequent physical complaints, headaches/stomach aches, without evidence of illness
  • Negative attitudes
  • Lying, stealing
  • Bullying and being bullied
  • Electronic and social media addiction
  • Separation and/or divorce and/or death in the family

Give your child the help needed to get better

We offer a holistic evaluation by a child specialist that will provide you with a clear understanding of their symptoms and struggle, and identify developmental and emotional needs that are important for getting better.

In conducting child therapy, our approach emphasizes giving guidance, learning effective communication skills, instilling positivity and working in collaboration with the parents to create a positive change in your child’s life.

If you have more questions about child therapy, please call us and we will be happy to talk with you about your child’s specific issues.