Assessment of Your Immune System

There is no government, municipality or any organization that would be able to strengthen your immune system for you but you.

The world at large has been going through a massive crisis of being impacted by the Covid-19 virus. People find themselves afraid, vulnerable, not knowing how to protect themselves. The big hope hanging in the air is the future possible vaccine that might save us from the virus. This possibility is vague and it’s unclear if and when this vaccination will be ready and how effective it might be. And in the meantime, our only protection is face masks and social distancing. These measures are extremely important but there is another important measure that is not much discussed in the media: our immune system. This system is protecting us from any attack by external invaders like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus.

A strong immune system is able to block and eliminate any invaders if this system is at its best. There are many components of daily life that can increase the power and efficiency of the immune system and there are components that can weaken it and render you vulnerable should an invader crosses your physical boundary and gets inside your body. Following you’ll find a simple, yet comprehensive tool (a 23 questions’ questionnaire) to assess the strength of your immune system and the necessary steps to be taken to strengthen it.

The following questionnaire is for your own personal use. You can answer each with “yes” or “no”. At the end of each question, you’ll find in a + and a 0. The + means you are benefitting your immune system and the 0 means you are not benefitting your immune system. There are 22 questions; calculate your results to determine how much you are contributing to a healthy immune system.

1. Expressing Yourself – Are you regularly expressing yourself, your beliefs, your feelings, and your ideas on a daily basis to another person in your life? Yes=+7; No=0

2. Loneliness – Do you believe that the people close to you care about you? Yes=+7; No=0

3. Fear & Anxiety – Do you regularly find yourself afraid or worried about issues regarding health, money, career, future,
relationship, etc.? Yes=0; No=+5

4. Anger – Do you find yourself getting angry at others easily and regularly in different situations and/or at yourself? Do you let
that anger brew inside of you? Yes=0; No=+4

5. Grief – Do you find yourself regularly grieving, either real losses or imagined ones, that leaves you feeling sad, depressed
and/or in despair? Yes=0; No=+4

6. Meditation – Do you dedicate at least 30 minutes a day for meditation and mindfulness? Yes=+5; No=0

7. Getting Sick Often – Do you have a history of getting sick every few months, a few times a year with the flu, cold, etc.?
Yes=0; No=+4

8. Breathing rate – Measure how many breaths you regularly take with no effort for one minute. (One breath includes an inhale
and an exhale). Here are normal breathing rates for different ages:

● Infants – 30 to 60
● Ages 3 to 6 – 22 to 34
● Ages 6 to 12 – 18 to 30
● Ages 12 to 18 – 12 to 16
● Ages 18 and on – 12 to 20

5 or more breaths over these numbers are considered to be out of range. Is your breathing rate out of range? Yes=0; No=+4

graphic of rib cage

Red dots can be identified by applying strong pressure under the bottom ribs on both sides

9. Digestion – Let’s take a simple test: Follow the attached photo to locate the two red spots on the bottom ribs on right and left. Push on these spots deep under the ribs in order to produce pain.

Pain of 3 or greater on 0 to 10 scale on your left means you are lacking digestive acids Pain of 3 or greater on 0 to 10 scale on your left means you are lacking digestive enzymes

Do you regularly digest and absorb your food with no difficulties, without getting bloated, without frequent stomach pains, without having excessive gas, and/or having 3 or more on the pain scale
listed above on either or both points on the diagram? Yes=+7; No=0

10. Bowel movements – Do you often suffer from diarrhea and/or constipation?  Yes=0; No=+4

11. Number of bowel movements – Do you have bowel movements less than once per day? Yes=0; No=+4

12. Form, color & Consistency of bowel movement – Looking at your stool is it large containing no undigested food with no heavy odor? Yes=+4; No=0

13. Dry mouth & eyes – Do you regularly suffer from dry mouth and/or eyes? Yes=0; No=+2

14. Nourishment – Is 90% or more of the food you consume Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB)? Yes=+7; No=0

15. Wheat, Sugar & Milk – Are you regularly consuming wheat products (gluten), white sugar products and milk products? Yes=0; No=+3

16. Non-lean meat, chicken and fish – Are you regularly consuming proteins from animals that contain saturated fat? Yes=0; No=+4

17. Nutritional Supplements – Do you take nutritional supplements on a regular basis, only from natural organic sources? Yes=+3; No=0

18. Medication – Do you take on a daily basis more than 5 medications for dealing with a chronic illness (diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, lowering Cholesterol, heart issues, kidney issues, liver issues, Respiratory issues, arthritis and cancer)? Yes=-0; No=+3

19. Drugs – Do you smoke cigarettes, weed, vape pens, or consume recreational drugs and alcohol more than three times a week? Yes=0; No=+3

20. Obesity – Are you obese? (at least 30 pounds over your recommended weight; check your BMI in comparison to the recommended one) Yes=0; No=+2

21. Exercise – Do you exercise at least 5 times a week? Yes=+9; No=0

22. Sleep – Do you sleep at least 7-8 hours a night? Yes=+5; No=0

 23 – Have you spent at least 15 minutes a day, every day, being in the sun and/or, are you taking vitamin D regularly (at least 4,000 IU daily)? Yes=+5; No=0

Health Assessment Grade (Scored out of 23)

● Excellent: +85 and more
● Good: + 70 – 84
● Fair: + 55 – 69
● Needs Improvement: + 0 – 54

This questionnaire is not a diagnostic tool neither is it an accurate assessment of your immune system’s condition.It is a general tool to help you consider making changes in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Before you decide to make any serious changes to your lifestyle, please consult with a health practitioner.



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Your health and wellbeing is the most valuable possession you have. We empower you to be proactive and invest in your wellbeing.


16542 Ventura Blvd.
#320 Encino, CA 91436

Your health and wellbeing is the most valuable possession you have. We empower you to be proactive and invest in your wellbeing.