How do you know if you suffer from depression?

It is very possible to be depressed and not recognize the signs.

Depression is different than sadness. It feels like nothing about your life is important anymore. Depression interferes with day to day life, work, relationships and physical health.

The majority of people who suffer from depression often feel tired and hopeless about their chances of getting better, which makes it difficult for them to reach out for help and recover.

How do you know if you are depressed?

The main symptoms of depression are:

Constant fatigue
Apathy about life
Oversleeping or inability to sleep
Thoughts about death, dying and suicide
Overwhelming sadness
Appetite and weight changes
Feeling worthless and hopeless
Indecisiveness about almost everything
Socially withdrawal and isolation
Moodiness and irritability

Break free from the heavy hold of your depression.

When depression clouds your mind and overwhelms your emotions and body, it’s not realistic to expect that you’ll be able to snap out of it on your own.

People who suffer from depression need a special kind of care to get better; care that validates their personal experience and doesn’t make them feel more isolated and unworthy.

Sometimes your depression can be caused not just by events, but also hormones within the body. This can often occur during puberty or postpartum. This is all part of our holistic approach to healing.

Yes you can heal from depression!

We understand the healing path that is necessary to release you from your symptoms.

At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we practice a therapeutic approach that is compassionate and holds support for you as you make progress at your own pace. We guide you step by step helping you to not feel lost anymore.

Our holistic approach integrates talk therapy along with energy therapy methods that will help you release deep beliefs that are negative and self-defeating. This process will also infuse your body and mind with energy of vitality and wellness allowing you to break free from your depression and feel alive and well again.

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Depression is your experience, not your identity.
We specialize in holistic treatment for depression for over 25 years, helping people feel well again.
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Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life


16542 Ventura Blvd.
#320 Encino, CA 91436

Your health is your most precious asset and your best investment in life.